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rasa by RaGa
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The Concept


" (रसा), Sanskrit term rooted in Indian aesthetics and literary theory, inspires

the duo to present exceptional trifecta compositions.

1. RaGa Medley: A captivating blend of contrasting and harmonizing ragas expressed through Alapana and Kalpanasaras, creating a unique and joyful musical experience.

2. Composition Medley: Immerse in devotion with a diverse collection of classical music compositions from different languages, fostering a deep emotional connection with the sacred

3. Grahabheda Medley: Explore the mastery of Indian Classical Music through the innovative concept of Grahabhedam, guiding listeners on a creative journey.


'RaSa' is an artistic voyage through the multifaceted world of Indian classical

music, providing a rich, emotional, and enlightening experience for the audience.

rasa by RaGa

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rasa by RaGa
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Ranjani and Gayatri, the Indian classical music duo, excel in conveying the quintessence of Indian classical music by creating aesthetic masterpieces.

They are credited with pioneering the multi-Raga Grahabheda concept, a groundbreaking approach that reveals the profound intricacies of this timeless art form.

As top class Indian classical musicians, Ranjani and Gayatri are conservators of their genre its unique beauty and preserve ancient tradition as they continue to innovate within it.

Ranjani-Gayatri are currently considered the #1 artists in the

Carnatic music genre.

rasa by RaGa
rasa by RaGa


Besides giving solo concerts, she has played alongside many leading and legendary musicians all over the world. She is the recipient of many awards; some of the notable ones include the ‘Kalki Krishnamurthy Memorial Award’ for the year 2016 and ’Young Achiever award’ from Rotary Club. Charu has traveled widely across India and abroad to perform in prestigious music festivals and institutions over the last 15 years.

Charumathi Raghuraman, a precocious talent, has trained under doyens Sri T.N.Krishnan and Sri P.S.Narayanaswamy. Her violin playing is a powerful combination of rich sound, faultless aesthetics and abundant creativity.

rasa by RaGa



Sai Giridhar has also been a part of Jugalbandhis and fusion bands with reputed classical and Hindustani musicians and has had his name featured in several CD and DVD productions.

Sri K. Sai Giridhar is an 'A' grade artist of All India radio for Mridangam and is a disciple of the legendary guru Sri M.L.N.Raju and Parupalli S.Phalgun.

rasa by RaGa


S. Krishna 

Trained under the Ghatam Vidwan (legend) V Suresh, and guided by doyens such as T.H Vinayakaram. Krishna (known as Ghatam Krishna) has been playing alongside Mridangists of various styles, accompanying both vocal and instrumental music. 

Ghatam, the clay pot instrument, is used to depict the rhythm in Carnatic music. It has found one of the most skilful musicians -


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